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Design Profile Values

Every database created with LXQ-CAD has a design profile associated with it. This profile determines how the design levels are plotted over the initial ground levels. The values you have to enter may differ according to the selected database. To know more about profiles, you can visit the Profiles section. Following is a sample of the design profile values for a twin-channel canal with common bank:

Here you enter the width and slope values for a series of sections. If all the chainages share common parameters, you need to enter the values for only the first chainage. If they change at a particular chainage, enter the values for that chainage. The chainages that follow will take up the new values. The following example will make it clear:

To add the two chainages with their profile values, click on Add toolbar button and specify two records. Now enter the respective values. After you are done, you can check the cross section.

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