The first step in any construction project is to conduct a topographic survey of the area and draw the Layout, Longitudinal Section and Cross Sections. Next is to calculate the quantity of material(earth) required to level the surface for construction.

Survey is carried out using equipment like Total Station or Auto-level machines at reasonable rates.

Using Total Station:

Total Station Machine

Total Station machines deliver high accuracy and convenience in surveying a large piece of land. The output of Total Station machines can be directly pasted into LXQ-CAD software in RAW format. The RAW format is machine independent and nearly all TS machines support this format. The TS converter module available with LXQ-CAD converts the RAW data into the Chainage-Offset-Reduced Level input format supported by the software. This module is optional and not part of the standard version.

Using Auto level:


Auto level machines are easy to use, cheaper and reasonably accurate machines for most survey requirements. They are very popular and require less maintenance. Survey conducted using an Autolevel machine requires noting of the levels manually in a Field book. Also, a plan of the site must be created by manual means.

LXQ-CAD software includes a converter module to convert the Field Book data into the Chainage-Offset-Reduced Level format supported by the software.