LXQ-CAD : Our flagship software is LXQ-CAD which is a tool to generate L Section, X Section drawings commonly used in civil structures

L Section or Longitudinal Section is the side elevation taken along the entire length of any structure. The L Section can be generated on LXQ-CAD for virtually any type of linear structure. X Section or Cross Section is the front elevation of the road taken by cutting a vertical section on it. LXQ-CAD can generate X Section for all types of structures like Roads, Railway lines, Drains, Canals, etc.

Along with L Section and X Section, LXQ-CAD can also calculate the cross sectional area at every section. Salient features :

  • Initial levels can be from auto-level field book or Total Station RAW data format
  • Easily specify Custom Design Paramaters to generate drawings for any structure:
  • Sections can be taken at any interval – fixed or variable
  • Drawing Output can be exported to DXF or DWG format
  • Sections can be paginated as per user preference
  • Quantity Output can be exported to EXCEL format

There are virtually no limits to the input. You can enter any number of readings per section. There is no restriction to the number of sections either.

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