LXQ-CAD : Our flagship LXQ-CAD engineering software is a specially designed tool to generate L(longitudinal) Section and X(Cross) Section drawings commonly used in civil structures.

L Section or Longitudinal Section is the side elevation taken along the entire length of any structure. The L Section can be generated easily using LXQ-CAD software for virtually any type of linear structure.

X Section or Cross Section is the front elevation of the road taken by cutting a vertical section on it. LXQ-CAD software can easily generate X Section for all types of structures like Roads, Railway lines, Drains, Canals, etc. Additionally, LXQ-CAD can also calculate the cross sectional area at every section.

LXQCAD Data Sheets

 Salient features of our LXQ_CAD software :

  • Initial levels can be taken from auto-level field book or Total Station RAW data format.
  • You can easily specify the Custom Design Parameters to generate drawings for any structure as seen in the below video:

  • Sections can be taken at any interval – fixed or variable.
  • Drawing Output can be exported to DXF or DWG format.
  • Sections can be paginated as per user preference.
  • Quantity Output can be easily exported to EXCEL format.
  • There are virtually no limits to the input. You can enter any number of readings per section.
  • There is no restriction to the number of sections either.

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