Zion E-Services provides services and software for civil works like Road, Canal, Railway, etc. Services include Topographical Survey, Plan, L Section, X Section and Quantity Estimate. We design and develop software for civil engineers. Our flagship software is LXQ-CAD which is a tool to generate L Section, X Section drawings commonly used in civil structures. It also estimates the quantity as per the proposed structure. It has extensive application in Roads, Canals, Drains, Railway lines, etc.:

A simple X Section generated using LXQ-CAD with the following data:

  • Input levels entered manually or coming from a raw data source like Total Station machine
  • Typical Section design parameters (entered only once for a typical section)
  • Design values for the theoretical section to be plotted over existing section

…You don’t need to believe us about anything we mention on this site. How about something like this:

Zion E-Services was founded in 1999, and has been providing quality consulting services to the public and private sector ever since. You don’t need to worry about quality of products or services. We DON’T believe in putting up fake testimonials on the site to promote our product. We rely on providing our clients a chance to use our products and services before they pay anything. The Use-First-Pay-Later (UFPL) policy has been strictly followed since inception

If you don’t intend to buy the product, you can also use our =>Services to get your survey and estimation work done at site